Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Diaper Diaries II Goodmama and Sustainable Babyish Review

It's been a few months now that I have been using Good Mama diapers and the Sloomb, or Sustainable Babyish diapers. These diapers are both excellent and not to mention are cute to boot as well. I was fortunate enough to score two Goodmamas off of diaperswappers that were in excellent like new condition and I purchased one Sloomb diaper in the color sprout from In the photo, the Sloomb diaper is on the left, and the Good mama is on the right. The Sloomb diaper is a fitted size large, and the Good mama is a one sized fitted diaper. What are the differences of these diapers? The Sloomb diaper is more of a nap-time diaper or an overnight diaper than the Goodmama. It is obviously has more fluff to it and it comes with one snap in liner and an additional soaker, and it is made of organic bamboo/cotton fleece with a soft jersey outer. This diaper is plush, soft and does an excellent job of keeping in super soaker number ones when the baby wets. Sloomb diapers are sized diapers, so you will have to take your baby's measurements and choose a size accordingly and did I mention these diapers are cute too? Sloomb offers fitted diapers, flat diapers, wool covers and a variety of other diaper accessories in their store website. Also, the costomer service is awesome. Sloomb uses low impact dyes and all the diapers are made by hand in the USA.
The Goodmamas are a one sized fitted diaper and are also made of organic bamboo /cotton fleece/velour. GM's are soft, plush, have a snap in soaker and offer a trimmer fit than the Sloomb diapers. GM's also come in a huge assortment prints, colors and types of stitching. The Goodmama diapers are also made of organic bamboo /cotton fleece. Goodmama's printed diapers are the cutest diapers I have seen and they are very popular due to the prints being on a limited run. In addition to printed diapers, Goodmama also offers, good nights, serged fitted, turned fitted, prefolds and trimfolds. Goodmama diapers are also made in the USA. Both of these types of diapers require a cover of some sort. I use Gen Y covers and they work well and come in all kinds of cute prints.

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