Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Diaper Diaries

Four months ago, I decided to try G diapers due my little ones diaper rashes. She would get diaper rashes right after one another and seemed like she was constantly battling diaper rash. The G diaper is a cross between a cloth diaper and a disposable diaper which consists of a little gPant and a plastic-free biodegradable diaper gRefill. After using the G diapers for one day, there was an immediate improvement and no more diaper rashs. The g diapers have worked successfully for us for 4 months, however now that the little one is approaching 30 lbs and 2 yrs old we haven't been doing too well in the g's. Not to mention the costs of always having to buy the flushable inserts. She is going through a tremendous growth spurt and the little g's can't handle more than an hour with the super soaker wet diapers she's been producing. So, this past month I tried out some cloth diapers called Knicker Nappies One Size, and Bum Genius 3.0. The the Knicker Nappies worked well for about a while and now those are all getting super soaked too. I have been double stuffing the Knicker Nappies diapers and that seems curtail the super soaker leaking problem. Then, I learned that there is an insert called a Super Loopy Do that is for heavy wetters that will solve the problem. So, I get a few of the Loopy Do's and guess what? Problem solved. The Bum Genius 3.0 worked well but I don't think it will fit her long as it is almost out of room to fasten the applix tabs and the elastic cuts into her back and legs and leaves bright red marks, which is annoying because this diaper is supposed to be one size diaper. I can't imagine that the BG one size diaper will fit a baby to potty training age as they claim because my little one isn't quite 30 lbs yet. The Knicker Nappies fit well and left no red marks anywhere. I also chatted with Elizabeth at Gen-Y diapers about what is good for heavy wetters and she suggested using a Sloomb bamboo fitted or a Goodmama bamboo/hemp fitted. We shall see how the next diaper trial goes...LOL!

So another diaper trial is in the future. Next up will be the GEN-Y diaper cover with a Sloomb fitted. My search for cloth diapers started when my baby daughter started getting severe diaper rashes that kept returning, and for a while the G diapers were a perfect solution until she got bigger and started having super soaker diapers the g pants could not handle. It is nice not having to go the the store in the middle of the night to get diapers. If I need diapers I just toss in the diapers and the wetbag in the washer & hang to dry or put everything in the dryer and we are set for more diapers.

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