Thursday, July 9, 2009

Diaper Swappers

I recently discovered that the Diaperswappers website is addictive to anyone who is looking for cloth diapers. I found this out myself when I went searching for information and reviews on a particular brand of diapers. Normally, I would not have thought to look there. But I wanted to save some money and I was hoping that I could find diapers that were cheaper than retail price. Diaper Swappers is a huge online community of moms who are into cloth diapers. They refer to each other as 'mama' and chat about everything from how to launder diapers correctly, whats on sale at online diaper stores, what diapers worked for them, those didn't work, post diapers they have for sale or trade and everything in between. This online community is thriving mainly because the modern cloth diaper has evolved into a fashion statement and it is easier to deal with than the cloth diapers from 30 yrs ago and there are many choices of diapers to choose from. Also, Ebay has contributed to it's growth as well due to it's rule of not allowing the sale of used diapers on it's site. On diaperswappers a 'mama' can list her diapers for sale, list any that she wants to trade, buy and sell diapers and leave a rating for the seller or buyer, like Ebay. Just one look at this online community and you will learn about all the different kinds of diapers there are. For example, there are fitted diapers, all in ones, pockets, diaper covers, hybrid diapers, all in twos, organic diapers and good old fashioned flat folds & pins, and snappis which are used in place of traditional diaper pins. Not to mention all the adorable prints and variety of fabrics that diapers are made from with names like Ooga Booga, Gumdrop, Celebrate and colors like grasshopper green, girly stripes, spellbound, twilight, and moonbeam. Doesn't that sound better than putting something on your baby's bottom that is made with plastic polymers, wood pulp and adhesives? It does to me! There is nothing wrong with a parents decision to use disposable diapers but when I was basically forced into using them when my little one kept getting persistent diaper rashes that would not go away, I didn't have much of a choice. After learning about all the options and asking around about what works and what doesn't, cloth diapering isn't that bad. There is a learning curve to cloth diapers which is to be expected and it's easy, green, saves money and its better for the baby and the environment.

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