Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hair Cuts and Hair Bows

It seems as though every two weeks one of my children needs a hair cut mainly because they end up getting bangs in their eyes. I guess I can consider that a good thing, at least I know they are growing and are healthy kids. One thing that I noticed after becoming a mom is that I stopped going to get my hair cut every 6 weeks like I did BC (before children). I would think nothing of going to get my hair done every six weeks and easily spend about $100 on my hair. Now, I get my haircut whenever it starts driving me nuts, which is whenever I can't stand messing with it anymore. On the other hand my kids need haircuts all the time, which is easy enough for me to do on a toddler, but my 4 yr old has inherited my thick fast growing hair so she goes to a stylist. I just hope that she doesn't get my freaky wavy frizzy hair when she grows up because it is a maintenance nightmare to deal with all the time & expensive to keep up with.

And what about hair bows? I am no hair expert but how do other moms manage to get their daughters hair nicely braided or put up in all those cute hair bows? I am lucky if I can just get a pony tail or little pig tails and that is about the extent that I can do with their hair. My mom didn't spend a lot of time putting my hair up in bows or braiding it or putting it up. No French braids for me, I was too busy pretending to be horse trainer and fighting with my two older brothers (one in particular, you know who you are) to care what the heck my hair looked like. My mom was lucky if she could get my hair washed without a big ordeal. She will gladly share that story with anyone, but I don't want to share it. All I can say is that in involves an upset Daddy and a haircut......

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